One Warrior Shell


Paramteric Design


Los Angeles / California




Parametric Design, Design Automation, Shell Design, DoLab





Description: This project included the development of a digital workflow that would allow the evaluation of different design alternatives for the construction of a lightweight tensile structure. The proejct was developed for DoLAb designs for and the structure was built at the 2019 Coachella Music festival in California/USA. The shape of the structure was inspired by the signature Galapagos island tortoises, and the target was to provide shadow and allow festival attendees to feel at ease, guided by the space and shade of the structure.
The implemented computational solution allowed the design team of DoLab (Josh Flemming) to test multiple design configurations and automatically discretize the design for structural analysis but also provide quantity take-offs that helped with the final cost estimation. By using the developed custom design tool the designers could categorize the required structural elements in different types, identify their position on the structure and annotate them and export quantity takes offs instantly thus facilitating their decision making process.