ENΛITE sunglasses


Produce Design


Athens / Greece


Topotheque, Mataooka


Product Design, Parametric Design, Product Development, 5 axis CNC milling


Summer 2013



Description: ENLITE VISION assigned Evangelos Pantazis of Topotheque to do research and design the production line of a series of wooden sunglasses starting from hand drawn sketches to the final product. From the beginning, the objective formed into the parameterization of the actual 2-dimensional designs its 3d implementation in order to fit the non linear design procedure as well as the different production modules that were employed.A series of parametric models were developed in Rhino/Grasshoper and were further adjusted for fabrication purposes in Alpha Cam. A special study on material (veneer) thickness and molds was conducted to find the optimum solution for achieving the desired performance (weight-strength).
The parametric model filled the gap between conception (2d sketches,drawings) and production by bridging the design decisions to CNC milling, tooling , fabrication techniques and curved plywood technology.