Revisiting Candela


Computational Design Workshop


Anahuac University / Mexico City


Prof. David Gerber


Computational Design Workshop, Form Finding, Agent Based Modelling, Behaviroal Design


Fall 2015

Description: Design agency will focus on form finding of thin shells structures using agent based modelling and simulation techniques in conjunction with daylight analysis. Emphasis will be on the exploration generative bottom up design strategies by developing agent behaviors that follow basic principles of form finding. Correlations between top down and bottom up design approaches will be addressed through the use of both linear and non-linear design techniques. During the workshop, participants will be introduced into an integrated design workflow which includes set of programming and visual scripting and parametric tools namely: Processing/IGEO library, and Grasshopper/Rhinoceros 3d
We will be using Processing (Java) as the primary tool to develop form finding simulations and develop different behaviors. Design outputs will be exported as mesh geometries and will be used for analyzing the designs further using Grasshopper. A marching cubes algorithms is implemented to provide geometries with variable porosity that can be directly materialized using additive manufacturingThe goal is to introduce students in computational design and integrated design methodologies, where analytical tools can be used along with behaviros for driving the design process and improving upon the design outcomes.A design to fabrication workflow will be covered, so that participants can experiment with materializing their scripted designs using 3d printing.