Folding Facade


Parametric Design Workshop


TU Delft


Chiu Yun Ying


Computational Folding Workshop, Generative Design, Parametric Design, Folding Techniques, eCAADe 2013


Fall 2013

Description: The participants will explore folding through physical and digital modeling. This one-day workshop workshop will showcase show different design approaches and will do a quick introduction on different software packages, including Rhino / Grasshopper and Processing Platforms. We aim to introduce participant to custom developed design tools and achieve complex design outcomes based on the intentions and particular requirements imposed by the implemented technique and the used material.
Target audience:
  • Anyone who is enthusiastic about folding, geometric programming and facade design.
  • Getting familiar with custom developed programming tools (processing and rhinoceros 4)
  • Experience how traditional folding techniques can inform parametric design.