CE107 Introduction to BIM


Undergraduate Level Course


University of Southern California / Department of Civil and Enviromental Engineering


Prof. Hung L Wong


Non-Elective Course, Building Information Modelling, Computer Aided Design


Spring 2014

Description: Coming Soon

The following areas will constitute our core focus:

  • Graphic communication skills used to enable better visualization, presentation and organization of ideas by means of digitsl drawing
  • Basic principles of orthographic and perspective drawing.
  • Civil drawing skills for graphic communication in the real world of engineering.
  • Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) for use in graphic communications in the real world of engineering.
  • Introduction to the use of Building Information Modelling for the generation of drawings and consturction documents
Teaching Goals:
  • Intoduce students how to use Autocad Software for 2D drafting
  • Introduce students to Building Infomration Modelling using the Revit Platform