ARCH590 Performance Based Design


Parametric Design Seminar


University of Southern California / Department of Civil and Enviromental Engineering


Student - Rheseok Kim


Elective Course, Parametric Design Seminar, Environmental Modelling, Robotic Fabrication


Fall 2018

Description: As we go through the 3rd digital Turn in Architecture the focus of computational design is shifting towards providing integrated design workflows which consider numerical analyses of design performance in combination with geometric parameters. In such an approach design decisions are informed by data analysis apart from aesthetics. In this course we focused on the parametric design and digital fabrication façade panels by considering their environmental impact on the building (Daylight Factor Analysis). Alternative design options have developed by adjusting the parameters of a basic geometric configuration which is inspired by Erwin Hauer’s screen wall design.Each façade alternative and the corresponding analytical data are corelated with each other to find optimal configurations which satisifies the design requirements and user preferences. As a feasibility test of a continuous design to fabrication process, a mock up of the façade is fabricated using a 6 axis robotic arm.
Learning Objectives: The following areas will constitute our core focus:
  • Building a Parametric model of a light diffusing facade panel
  • Provide students with in-depth understanding of parametric design methods.
  • Develop a model for Daylight Analysis to control the parameters of the panel.
  • Evaluation of different design alternatives based on their daylight analysis.
  • Intoduce students into parametric and environmental modelling
  • Introduce students to integrated design to construction processes using robotic fabrication.
  • Prototype of a facade mock to empirically evaluate the design.