ARCH305b Building Physics


Parametric Design Seminar


University of Southern California / Department of Civil and Enviromental Engineering


Prof. David Gerber


Elective Course, Parametric Design Seminar, Performance Based Design


Fall 2018

Description: Weekly seminar on parametric design for a senior undergraduate course from the Major of Building Science. The seminar will focus on introducing students into the use of parametric modelling for complex geometric and data modelling. The seminar will be based upon developing parametric models of generic building types (i.e. office tower) and/or building elements (i.e. facade) in a stepwise function. In this way the students will discover the functionality of different components and basic programming principles. which they will then integrate into their design proposal.
Seminar Objectives:
  • Introduce students visual scripting editors for generating designs and analytical solvers for evaluating alternatives.
  • Provide students with in-depth understanding of parametric design methods.
  • Introduce students to daylight simulations with Energy Plus and Radiance software using Grasshopper/Ladybug, Honeybee plugins.
  • Assist students on methods for delivering graphical outputs for their assignments and projects.