Spatial Aggregations Pavillion


Robotic Fabrication Workshop


ETH Zurich / DFAB


Prof. Fabio Gramazio, Prof. Matthias Kohler, Luka Piskorec


Spatial Structures, Robotic Fabrication, Computational Design, Recursive Bracing


Spring 2012



Description: The aim of this 4 week intensive seminar course was to realize in 1:1 scale a structure that leads away from the conventional space frame typologies and enables a new design scope,which generates robust, inherently redundant aggregations with multiple load paths and connection opportunities. A script was developed in python where the ground surface and canopy surface are defined. The script then iteratively tiles accordingly the surface and adds columns and iterative bracings based on a user input.
The structure was constrcuted with the aid of a kuka robotic arm ,which was cutting (certain lengths) and drilling (according to orientation and the neighbours) the plastic water pipes. The project was based upon previous studies and work done through the semester’s course “Spatial Aggregations”and was implemented within a team of approx 15 students.

Team: Azariadi Stella, Schaer Gabriella, Jenny David, Psaltis Stylianos, Liao Chun Zu Joe, Cheng Sonja Lynn, Li Bo, Yeo James Junkyung, Schwiete Katharina, Mersch Lukas, Valiero Enzo, Koschak Jennifer, Sasada Yushi, Ivana Damjanovic, Kissel Andreas , Pantazis Evangelos