Behavioral Form Finding


Research Project


University of Southern California / Viterbi School of Engineering


Prof. David Gerber


Multi Agent Systems, Form Finding, Environmental Modelling, Computational Design Methodology, Generative Design


Spring 2019



Description:This work focuses on the development of a design methodology and the implementation of a design toolkit that can be used for the form finding of shell structures by incorporating environmental parameters. This study aims to extend traditional form finding approaches by introducing agent based modelling and simulation tecnhiques which allow for the integration of daylight as a shaping force apart from typical loads such as the gravity force.
Within the developed Multi Agent Systems (MAS) framework the steering of form beyond purely form found shapes is explored by introducing behaviors which relate to the orientation of the site and the related solar path. An experimental design is developed using an existing thin shell concrete structure design by H. Isler to apply and test the proposed methodology and prototypical toolkit.